My work examines the malleability of memory and the way history is interpreted, revised, and received.  My art is driven by history: art history, social history, political history and personal history. Through the use of photography, film, video, sculpture and installation my work investigates the political implications of images, the contradictions found in representation and the slipperiness of “truth and history.”  Most recently I have shown my installation, Letter From an Unknown Woman at the MAK Center/Schindler house in West Hollywood. I have exhibited The Dome Project at Chapman University, The Project in New York, Occidental College in Los Angeles and the UAG in Irvine. My writings have been published in The Benefit of Friends Collected, A Journal of Artist-on-Artist Critical Writing, ArtUs, and the Trenchart, Casement Series.  I am currently the Board President of Les Figues Press, a non-profit alternative literary publisher.   I received a BA in anthropology and photography from the University California at Santa Cruz, a MFA from Otis College of Art and Design and a MA from UCLA’s Critical and Curatorial Studies program. I currently teach at Loyola Marymount University and the University of Southern California.